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Chicago, March 21,2020 By Martin Jon


Agile Arkay Maneuvers
Without Behemoth Amazon

During a crisis being agile and Flexible is one of the biggest benefits you can lean on

During a crisis being agile and flexible is one of the biggest benefits you can lean on.

Large entities, such as Amazon are being called on to aid in the fight against coronavirus. This is a wonderful thing and because of their structure and reach they can assist in ways manufacturers cannot. Amazon, however, cannot be flexible within their system, there are just too many people involved. Because of their warehousing and structure, they can easily stock and ship essentials across the country.

But what about non-essentials? 


It can be assumed that most of what Amazon traditionally ships are nonessentials. They have also positioned themselves as a marketplace. This makes it easy to warehouse and distribute goods for companies whether they’re essential or not. Small businesses, who deal in nonessentials, are having to restructure due to having built their businesses solely on Amazon.

Many small companies who have not invested in warehouses and/or shipping of their own products, due to the services provided by Amazon Marketplace, are being strangled. Because of Amazon’s role in the fight against coronavirus they are having to make hard decisions. They have chosen, rightfully so, to not stock nonessentials at this time. That decision it is hurting small companies who’ve built their business solely within the Amazon Marketplace. Unable to send Amazon their goods, and neither having warehousing nor shipping in place, these small companies are quickly realizing that they are not as agile as they may have thought. We usually think of a small company as being vary agile and that was a huge salespoint to using the Amazon Marketplace. Being tied to the one of the largest companies in the world can subject you to the lumbering protocol of the behemoth. That doesn’t mean these companies will go under, though it does mean that they will have to do some restructuring. Putting all your eggs in one basket was not the best idea, even if it seemed impossible to fail at the time.

Some companies, like ArKay beverages, who make Alcohol Free spirits, do not have a presence on Amazon. “We are reconsidering having our products available on Amazon, but I have to say, I am glad we’re not tied to them today” said Vice President Reynald Grattagliano

Many have seen their decision to not be on Amazon as a disadvantage, not having a presence on the world’s largest marketplace can hurt your bottom line. However, ArKay, who’ve invested in their own warehousing and shipping, hasn’t missed a beat during this crisis.

Alcohol-Free spirits is definitely a non-essential for most, but for some, it isn’t and ArKay is getting them their product.

Arkay Partner

During times like these we are going to see a huge increase in alcohol sales, alcohol may even be considered an essential by now.


But for people like myself who are sober, or those who don’t want to reduce their body’s ability to fight off illness, Alcohol Free spirits can be, and have been, the difference. Having the option to get nonessentials is important. There are thousands of nonessential products out there that can make difference for any number of groups of people. But, without a way to get that product on the market, it isn’t even an option.

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