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Alcohol free beverages has an Elon Musk and its Reynald Grattagliano

Following his heart and passion Reynald Grattagliano built the alcohol-free beverage market and today business is booming as more people step away from alcohol

Fort Lauderdale , May 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) 

Written by: MartinJon Garcia  The Recovery Mentor

As an innovator in tech and ingenuity Elon Musk has no equal, but to look at his ability to passionately move forward towards a vision for the world there are similarities between him and others. One person in particular who has passionately devoted himself to the uncovering of his vision and dream is Reynald Grattagliano. In the world of flavor, olfactory senses and extreme vision Reynald has built the entire industry of alcohol-free spirits.s, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Almost 10 years ago, ArKay, his flagship brand of alcohol alternatives, hit the shelves with no fanfare. While the bell curve for the alcohol bandwagon was at its final peak the press and media were using his product as a light sign off story to chuckle at as if to say “who needs an alcohol alternative when we have alcohol?” 

Today however this vision is paying dividends as alcohol companies like Diageo struggle to make up ground on the growing trend. Ahead of his time by almost a decade Reynald has a large piece of the global market selling in over 180 countries. “We want adult style alcohol-free beverages to be a household idea” he said “this is not about any one being the best, but I am interested in the concept and I’ve delivered, what I believe to be, the best spirits alternative that can be made. I am the inventor, innovator, thinker, and tailor of alcohol-free spirits. ArKay is the gold standard, and without it there would be a huge gap to overcome, that no one who is producing alcohol free beverages today could do.”

When I asked how he could make such a bold statement he simply said “because no one else in the field has innovated it. I come with experience and expertise. As owner and inventor, I am able to adjust my formula and make it better all the time. These other companies are run by solely businessmen. I am an artist and my paints are flavor and experience. 10 years ago, I began and every day I am still improving on myself, my company, my product.”

Reynald is looking to redefine the Adult Drink category to no longer be simply based on the presence of alcohol alone. He has a vision where depth of experience and flavor are at the core of the category and ArKay doesn’t disappoint with over 33 flavors all the mimic the burn and bite of alcohol so as to add to the overall experience you, as an adult, are looking to add to your morning coffee or evening mocktail. 


Image/Text Disclaimer: Neither Elon Musk nor any of his businesses are associated with, or expressly endorse, ArKay Alcohol-Free Beverages.

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