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ArKay alcohol free whisky, vodka, gin, rum not sold on  Author  Martin J.  Feb 20 2018

Still today is displaying Arkay Beverages products to lure visitors to their site, incredibly Arkay removed their products listing on back in 2013 mostly because the business relationship was disastrous due to fake consumers’ reviews.

Amazon keeping showing Arkay products not sold any more on their web site is a violation of the Lanham Act and could be considered as unfair competition and bad business practices.

David against Goliath

Amazon is used to this kind of strategy to lure and attract visitors to their web sites by posting products from companies they do not work with anymore, it is a shame to see that small companies with great products are afraid to sue Amazon in court because Amazon will delay the process by making them bleed money until they drop the case.

In conclusion if you want to purchase Arkay alcohol free whisky, vodka, rum gin, brandy etc… don’t get fooled anymore just log on


Source :  Martin J – Free Lance Journalist based in Germany.


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