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Arkay Beverages invited to participate in the local crime and disorder reduction program in the United Kingdom

Arkay Beverages is participating in the local crime and disorder reduction program alongside the North East Lincolnshire Council Licensing department back in the United Kingdom

The rationale behind it is that North East Lincolnshire has over 25,000 hazardous or harmful drinkers, 5,000 dependant drinkers and 15,000 binge drinkers with 45% of all crime believed to be alcohol related. Arkay has been invited to try and change or modify behaviours to reduce the amount of harmful alcohol consumed.


Arkay is a derivate of capsaicin used as a safe non addictive replacement to liquors and spirits.

“After five years of research and development, Mr. Grattagliano Arkay Founder created a distillation- and fermentation-free process that allows the beverages, when consumed, to send stimuli to the brain triggering the illusion of the alcohol burn without drinking alcohol,” said Richard Simmons, president of sales. “ArKay Alcohol Free Spirits can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. They can be consumed all night long without any intoxicating effects. Individuals with medical conditions or religious beliefs that prohibit the consumption of alcohol can enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of these liquor-flavored drinks straight-up, on-the-rocks or with a mixer.”


The line includes most spirits, from amaretto to whiskey, as well as mocktails such as margarita and piña colada and after-dinner drinks like Irish cream and coffee liqueur. The beverages are based on a proprietary blend of water, flavor and W.A.R.M molecule.

The company is getting ready to launch a line of single-serve ready-to-drink mocktails in 355-milliliter glass bottles. Varieties include gin fizz, mojito and sugar cane martini.

“We are putting real fresh ‘mocktails’ designed by professional bartenders into convenient glass bottles,” Mr. Simmons said


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