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Arkay Beverages is disrupting the liquor industry with this new concept of Alcohol Free Spirits 

Laredo Feb 8, 2018 – – Arkay Beverages have played essential roles in helping one local Laredo startup disrupt the beverages industry.

Using his skills in marketing and web development, Richard Simmons helped launch Arkay Beverages in the .U.S.A, an online marketplace based in Laredo, Texas, that seeks to simplify shopping for alcohol free spirits by purchasing on line.

Richard Simmons started working at Arkay Beverages in June, just before the company launched.

“I have a lot of creative freedom and a lot of room to give the company a voice on the blog and social media,” Simmons explained. “It’s interesting. I like taking topics that are usually complicated and compacting them and making them fun.”

“It has been hectic but in a good way,” said Simmons. “Every week we help more peoples to get away from liquors, but it is also nice to have such project to build and develop.”

Sylvie Grattagliano, the company’s owner of Arkay Beverages said it was important to bring co-ops on board to develop a relationship with the university and give students an opportunity to work with a new venture.

“The liquor lobbyists in Washington are mad about ArKay,” said Simmons, “We are disruption a 200 billon industry and liquor makers and distributors are very surprised to see a small company like Arkay to take the market by storm. In fact Arkay Beverages has created a brand new category of beverages with the creation of Alcohol Free Liquors, Alcohol Free Spirits.

About Arkay Beverages

ArKay was designed to allow anyone with medical conditions to drink without guilt, as it does not contain any sugar, fat and zero alcohol, Arkay is good for diabetics, peoples under medication, pregnant women.

ArKay has the same kick and burn in mouth than real liquor and makes a delicious, figure-friendly drinks on its own, or when mixed with other low-cal, no-cal beverages. ArKay is great for cocktails.

“Consumers love ArKay because it makes them feel good for the placebo effect’’

ArKay is not a medicine, but rather a new way of life.

ArKay’s ability to mimic LIQUOR kick and flavor is credited to the blending of flavors and a trade secret formula. ArKay is following its whisky-flavored success with a new line of alcohol-free vodka, tequila, gin, rums, brandy, mojito, whisky and Pina Colada mix.

ArKay, unlike alcohol or drugs, isn’t constrained by strict market regulations, allowing it to be sold or shipped virtually anywhere, and can be ordered on line at

WARNING: ArKay is not a medicine and not a medical treatment against alcoholism.


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