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ArKay Beverages is initiating a bottling program to produce ArKay alcohol free spirits overseas

Laredo, Texas 2/11/2018 – – This new concept gives flexibility and decrease import duties to the local importer; ArKay is inviting local bottlers to participate.

Specially designed for Africa and India’s local bottlers and because of its fast-growing population that brings with it a continuing demand for soft drinks, especially as the climate is quite hot and to offer a safe liquors alternative with ArKay.

Urbanization also drives demand for alcohol free ready-to-drink soft drinks amongst busy, on-the-go and night life consumers.

Alcohol consumption among different ethnic groups in Africa has a long history, especially among those groups where it was not forbidden by religion. In the traditional era, alcohol played complex roles in the socio-cultural relationships of different communities. It was used for rituals, marriage ceremonies, chieftaincy enthronements, etc. It was mainly consumed by male adults for pleasure while females and youths were culturally restrained from drinking. Excess consumption was not a norm and intoxication attracted negative sanctions. In the contemporary Nigerian society, patterns of consumption are changing rapidly following the socio-political and economic development of Africa, giving rise to new norms of alcohol use. This review examines the influence of disintegration of traditional values, non-regulation, advertising and other factors on these changing patterns of alcohol consumption. It concludes by exploring the consequences of these changing patterns, and suggested some remedies for contemporary Nigerian society.

Eight in ten Nigerian or Indian drivers drive under the influence of alcohol, study says

About Arkay Beverages

ArKay was designed to allow anyone with medical conditions to drink without guilt.

ArKay makes a delicious, figure-friendly drinks on its own, or when mixed with other low-cal, no-cal beverages. ArKay is great for cocktails

“Consumers love ArKay because it makes them feel good for the placebo effect’’

ArKay is not a medicine, but rather a new way of life.

ArKay’ s ability to mimic LIQUOR and REAL BEER kick and flavor is credited to the blending of flavors and a trade secret formula. ArKay is following its whisky-flavored success with a new line of alcohol-free vodka, tequila, gin, rums, brandy, mojito, whisky and Pina Colada mix.

ArKay, unlike alcohol or drugs, isn’t constrained by strict market regulations, allowing it to be sold or shipped virtually anywhere, and can be ordered on line at

WARNING: ArKay is not a medicine and not a medical treatment against alcoholism.



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