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JOHNNY – The first Mexican Bourbon Whisky is born

JOHNNY The first Mexican Bourbon Whisky is born Arandas , Jalisco, Mexico, 02/03/2020 / / Broadly speaking, whiskey is an alcoholic beverage that is obtained by the distillation of fermented malt (any germinated grain, mainly barley or rye, which has subsequently dried) which is acquired from a process called “malting.” The first legal record of this distillate dates back to the 17th century, although there are even older references in Celtic culture writings. The types of whisky or “whiskey” (as it is called in the United States, Ireland and Mexico) are definedRead More

SEEDLIP Everything you need to know about Gin and Spirits Alternatives

United States, New York, New York – 02-01-2020 (  Definition of seedlip Dialectal, chiefly England-  basket or other container in which seed as per example juniper berry seeds to be sowed broadcast is carried. The bluish one of a common juniper (J. communis) which is used to flavor foods and from which is obtained an acrid essential oil used especially as a flavoring in gin and liqueurs… The Complete and Slightly Insane History of Gin in England and Alternatives Of all the various spirit categories that make up the dynamic culture ofRead More

The world’s largest alcohol-free spirits company is now moving Beyond Spirits

The world’s largest alcohol-free spirits company is now moving Beyond Spirits The American company ArKay, pioneers in alcohol-free spirits, is capitalizing on the success of Beyond Meat and launching Beyond Spirits. Slated as a premium line to their already robust catalog of imitation spirits, Beyond Spirits will further solidify their position as the foremost producer of Alcohol-Free Liquor. Beyond Spirits is set to capture the attention of millennials who have already proven their loyalty to their health by stepping away from alcohol. Beyond Spirits is planned to be rolled out alongside theirRead More

12 of the Best Non-Alcoholic “Spirits” for Building a Sober Bar

12 of the Best Non-Alcoholic “Spirits” for Building a Sober Bar Arkay This brand was first launched in Dubai, where many locals and visitors forgo alcohol for cultural reasons. It’s now making inroads in the U.S. “I like their products because it has some of the burn you’re accustomed to [in a traditional spirit],” says Marshall. Among the wide range of faux spirits, which even brazenly mimic Scotch and Tequila, Marshall’s pick is the “alcohol-free rum,” mixed Cuba Libre-style with Coke and a squeeze of lime, or pineapple and coconut forRead More


PIMM Since 2011 WORLD’S FIRST PREMIUM INTERNATIONAL MEXICAN MALT A few words about PIMM.   “At PIMM we do more than malt, we support Mexican Whisky Distillers in making the best whisky. We connect farmers, who dedicate their lives to Nature, with life lovers, who share authentic moments around natural drinks and food. We are farmer-malsters since 2011 as part to The Best Spirits Company. Caring for the grain is a culture, the right ways to make the best malts, today and for the future generations. For PIMM Mexico, “thisRead More

Mexican Whisky is a distilled beverage produced in Mexico from a fermented mash of cereal grain

Mexican whisky is distilled to not more than 80% alcohol by volume (160 U.S. proof) to ensure that the flavor of the original mash is adequately retained, and the addition of coloring, caramel and flavoring additives is allowed . Read More..

Reynald Grattagliano quiere producir whisky mexicano

Reynald Grattagliano, impulsor de la Asociación del Whisky Mexicano, recién conformada, señala que el país cuenta con todo el maíz y los recursos naturales para ser un referente en la elaboración. México es reconocido en el mundo de las bebidas alcohólicas a nivel global por su producción de tequila, mezcal y cerveza. Sin embargo, tiene oportunidad para posicionarse como un referente en la producción y venta de whisky, asegura Reynald Grattagliano, director de Asociación del Whisky de México. Read More…


Revolutionary Drink Uncovered?

WENEWS – PRNEWS – Laredo May 6 2018   The WARM molecule is what makes ARKAY so special and expensive, it costs 100 times more than the molecule of the alcohol and it feel and taste like liquor. The WARM molecule contains ZERO ALCOHOL, it is SAFE and NO ADDICTIVE. Think how much you would spend to treat your alcohol problem entering an alcohol addiction program versus the cost of buying one bottle of ARKAY! WHAT IS ARKAY ? This alcohol replacement is a unique and innovative drink for consumers world-wide lookingRead More

Whiskey: Straight from the Barrel and Into the…Can?

Wenews, April 21 2018 source : Whiskey Wash By Tom Bentley / April 20, 2018 Ahh, time for a little whiskey. You grab your favorite, settle back in your chair, pop the top on the can, and—wait, what? The can? There are countless innovations taking place in the spirits world, from unusual grains to accelerated aging to re-use of barrels across liquor types, but canned whiskey might seem a crack in the traditional bottle that’s more gimmick than good. But it’s not like canned spirits are completely new. Both Jim Beam andRead More

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