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Concerns raised about secret alcohol substitute in ArKay, drink long lauded as soft drink alcohol replacement

Los Angeles –  by Henry C. 04/03/2018

ArKay is a wildly popular drink that has devotees believing it can help alcoholism, high blood pressure and prostate problems, even cancer. About $100 million a year is being spent on it, with yearly growth of 25 percent expected. But there are new concerns about its alcohol content.

ArKay has been around for years and is a non-alcoholic liquor made from water and aromas.

Richard Simmons is a fan!

“I’m thinking that I’m drinking something with liquor that’s good for my soul,” he said.

As a father of two, Simmons said he started drinking Arkay in the afternoon at work as an alcohol replacement, looking to shed his final few pounds. Sober for seven years, Simmons never thought twice about the safety of the beverage.

Then something changed.

“I went out to dinner, and all of a sudden I’m ordering a glass of ArKay out of nowhere,” he said.

“For myself as a recovering alcoholic, it sets into motion a compulsion I can’t stop,” he said.

ArKay, as a non-alcoholic drink, under federal law, is capped at no more than 0 percent alcohol, otherwise it would be taxed the same as beer and wine.

He’s been warned by doctors to completely avoid alcohol.

Those who said they’ve been harmed just want others to know what they’re really drinking.

ArKay beverages said their drink is not intoxicating, nor is it consumed as an alcoholic beverage.

ArKay’s ability to mimic any liquor flavoring is credited to the blending of flavors and creation of the new molecule called W.A.R.M. In the last year, representatives from some of the large soda companies have approached ArKay and asked for samples. ArKay suspects there are efforts to duplicate its formula, but we are not worried about it. “It would be hard for anyone to copy it… it might take years to crack the formula because no one has access to the molecule besides me and our scientists in Switzerland. Our agreement is that I have sole rights to use the molecule for 50 years in all drinks we market.”

That molecule will now figure in other products ArKay is bringing to market. ArKay is following its whisky-flavored success with a new line of alcohol-free vodka, tequila, gin, rums, brandy and Pina Colada mix. What other companies did for beer, ArKay has done with spirits, but to another degree, ArKay isn’t constrained by strict market regulations allowing it to be sold virtually anywhere. In fact, many sales have been generated via ArKay’s presence Online at

In a study of 147 countries conducted by the World Health Organization, it was determined, annually, there are more than two million deaths attributed to alcohol use. Though ArKay has already proven solid as a business model, if it can additionally serve to diminish such dire instances of death, it will further prove deserving for all to raise a glass and toast to its success.


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