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DutyFreeBank.Com announces plans to acquire DutyFreeZone.Com e-commerce division and to invest in Amazon.Com, Walmart and WeChat

The funds raised by will be used to invest in existing large e-commerce companies , to develop new technologies, expand working capital, and strengthen’s balance sheet.  

What is venture capital?

The E-Commerce Explosion is Just Beginning and is banking on this opportunity. is also in the process of acquiring numerous number of shares of, Walmart and QVC, and WeChat the world largest free messaging and calling app.

E-commerce actually remains one of the most rapidly-growing sectors worldwide, and that there’s still a massive amount of potential for it grow across a whole new set of industries.

Since its inception about 20 years ago, e-commerce revenue and participation has been steadily on the rise, as consumers become more and more inclined towards online shopping and its increased capabilities. It’s easier, faster, and sometimes even less expensive than shopping in-store — what’s anyone got to lose?

Rapidly Increasing Revenue

And yet, plenty of companies have failed to make the necessary transition into online retail, insisting on keeping merchandise sales in stores or channeling web sales through industry conglomerates.

Take clothing brands, for example, many of which still sell exclusively through renowned department stores rather than erecting their own online sales platforms.

Such companies are wasting the opportunity to take over the process and keep the flow of revenue traveling straight into their coffers, and they’ll only fall further behind as their competitors develop attractive and user-friendly web stores and Omni channel experiences. So how can you get in on this?

Typical Minimum Investment Requirement
Venture capital investing is easily accessible for the average investor. Most venture capital firms typically look for investors who are willing to commit as little as $100,000

The Bottom Line venture capital will invest capital in large e-retailers and social medias companies, and also in early stage e-commerce companies sometimes it will be nearly at the start of a company (called round a), and in other cases it will be later as the technology company has been building a business. venture capital company will get board representation and try to help grow the company into a much larger enterprise in 5 years, think going from 1 million or 5 million in revenue to 50-500 million in revenue.

Return on Investment
The venture capital firm accepts higher risks on its investments in return for a higher return on its funds. venture capitalist would normally expect a return in excess of 25% (depending on the stage of investment).

Welcome aboard.

Accredited investors with a net worth of over $2 million are invited to contact us at


Disclaimer: is a private placement group not a bank

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