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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

DutyFreeZone.com Announces that Web2market.com is not anymore part of its e-commerce vendors

Wenews.info Laredo, TX – 27/02/2018  Mikael C.

DutyFreeZone.com today announced that Web2market.com has lost it “Certification” and will no longer work for the company. The certification was removed by DutyFreeZone.com and as a result Web2market.com is not anymore allowed to work on DutyFreeZone.com web sites.

Web2market.com experience has been terrible and disgusting.For example Web2market.com erased important information from our server because they know nothing about Woo Commerce programming and coding issues, Web2market.com are using unprofessional Programmers ripping off their customers by using the prestige of Woo Commerce said Robert Cohen VP at DutyFreeZone.com.


About DutyFreeZone.com  

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