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A few words about PIMM.


“At PIMM we do more than malt, we support Mexican Whisky Distillers in making the best whisky.

We connect farmers, who dedicate their lives to Nature, with life lovers, who share authentic moments around natural drinks and food.

We are farmer-malsters since 2011 as part to The Best Spirits Company. Caring for the grain is a culture, the right ways to make the best malts, today and for the future generations.

For PIMM Mexico, “this project is a pillar that will boost the growth of our industry, in full alignment with our permanent commitment of contributing to the economic development of Mexico and the state of Jalisco. We will reduce dependency on imported raw materials, since at least 90% of our barley and corn will be of national origin”

In a context where PIMM and The Best Spirits Company trend towards more responsible and sustainable supply-chain, this project includes a close collaboration, both geographical and strategic, and a long-term procurement contract with Licor Zone  and The Best Spirits Company in Mexico.

“We have a strong commitment with Mexican farmers and with sustainability and we are sure that we have found in PIMM an ideal partner that shares our vision and that will definitely contribute with Jalisco development. Now as our local ally, together we will continue brewing a better Mexico.”

With the construction of this new industrial site, PIMM, shows its dynamism and its ability to open new markets, and adheres to The Mexican Whisky Association’s vision to continue developing the zone and consolidate The Best Spirits Company and Licor Zone as the heart of the first circular ecosystem in the region.“- Alex, Pimm Team


PIMM is a member of the Mexican Whisky Association

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