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It’s not alcohol, it’s not whisky, its Arkay World’s first alcohol free spirit

Laredo Texas 04/03/2018   By Jorge G.   Arkay is a new alcohol, sugar and calorie-free spirit, which has launched with a mission to create “naturally delicious drinks for grown-ups”. The spirit can be used in the same way as gin or vodka, either mixed with tonic water or as a base for cocktails. Arkay founder, Reynald Grattagliano, said: “Non-alcoholic drinks choices have previously been seen as childish, sugar-laden and down market. I set out to create something sophisticated, that you can celebrate and even show off with.” Made fromRead More

Alcohol Replacement Program now available worldwide to recovering alcoholics and diabetics Laredo, By Henrietta M. Feb 28, 2018  Alcohol Replacement Program    Alternatives to Drinking When an alcoholic decides to quit drinking they are faced with the constant dilemma of what to do with their free time. For a person who has spent so much of their past drinking and being intoxicated, the prospect of moving forward in sobriety can be overwhelming. For those who have do not struggle with addiction, this may seem like a false dilemma. There are clearly countless alternatives to drinking that a person can enjoy.Read More

ArKay Beverages reminds everyone that its Alcohol Free Spirits & Liquors are Not Sold on Amazon Official Website

Laredo Texas – 25/02/2018 By Jeff B.   ArKay Beverages Alcohol Free Spirits & Liquors reminds everyone that its drinks are not sold on AMAZON.COM   In 2013, ArKay officially ended its relationship with Amazon in order to sell its drinks directly to customer in the United States and Europe by providing an outstanding experience to the consumers. This announcement comes on the heels of customers logging in to Amazon asking for ArKay, under the assumption that Amazon is still selling ArKay. As a result, customers have become confused and now mistakenly believe thatRead More