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It’s not alcohol, it’s not whisky, its Arkay World’s first alcohol free spirit

Laredo Texas 04/03/2018   By Jorge G.   Arkay is a new alcohol, sugar and calorie-free spirit, which has launched with a mission to create “naturally delicious drinks for grown-ups”. The spirit can be used in the same way as gin or vodka, either mixed with tonic water or as a base for cocktails. Arkay founder, Reynald Grattagliano, said: “Non-alcoholic drinks choices have previously been seen as childish, sugar-laden and down market. I set out to create something sophisticated, that you can celebrate and even show off with.” Made fromRead More

Concerns raised about secret alcohol substitute in ArKay, drink long lauded as soft drink alcohol replacement

Los Angeles –  by Henry C. 04/03/2018 ArKay is a wildly popular drink that has devotees believing it can help alcoholism, high blood pressure and prostate problems, even cancer. About $100 million a year is being spent on it, with yearly growth of 25 percent expected. But there are new concerns about its alcohol content. ArKay has been around for years and is a non-alcoholic liquor made from water and aromas. Richard Simmons is a fan! “I’m thinking that I’m drinking something with liquor that’s good for my soul,” he said. As aRead More

Alcohol Replacement Program now available worldwide to recovering alcoholics and diabetics Laredo, By Henrietta M. Feb 28, 2018  Alcohol Replacement Program    Alternatives to Drinking When an alcoholic decides to quit drinking they are faced with the constant dilemma of what to do with their free time. For a person who has spent so much of their past drinking and being intoxicated, the prospect of moving forward in sobriety can be overwhelming. For those who have do not struggle with addiction, this may seem like a false dilemma. There are clearly countless alternatives to drinking that a person can enjoy.Read More


WeNews.Info –  Martin J. – 02/19/2018 Our president does not drink alcohol. But, unlike previous president, our president never drank alcohol. Obviously, his abstinence is not because he was once an alcoholic, nor is the reason moral or religious, as is so often the case.   Our president is a Teetotaler. Teetotalism is the practice or promotion of complete personal abstinence from alcoholic beverages. A person who practices (and possibly advocates) teetotalism is called a teetotaler or is simply said to be teetotal. The teetotalism movement was first started in Preston, England, in the early 19th century. The Preston TemperanceRead More

Freshness, transparency to propel beverage trends

Freshness, transparency to propel beverage trends source  Donna Berry food business news Adding adults to the mix Complementing the health and wellness trend is the growing sector of adult-centric beverages. This includes non-alcoholic beverages that mimic the taste and smell of alcoholic beverages, as well as low-sugar flavored seltzers. “Sparkling mocktail flavors including Valencia orange mock-rita or drinks infused with herbs and spirit flavors to give you herbal inspiration, such as a rosemary gin-flavored ginger ale,” said Juliet Greene, corporate chef, Mizkan, Mount Prospect, Ill. ArKay Beverages Inc., Laredo, Texas,Read More

Making money with Arkay Beverages

Making money with Arkay Beverages helping others at the same time to get away from liquors! Feb 4th 2018 Laredo, Texas – Become an Arkay Beverages independent representative and making money at the same time by helping others to get away from liquors! Are you interested in owning your own business and selling the strongest alcohol free liquor brands in the beverage business? Arkay Beverages is opening a network of independent representatives which are acquiring a limited inventory to sell our brands exclusively to friends and family. For information about becoming an ArkayRead More

Arkay Beverages invited to participate in the local crime and disorder reduction program in the United Kingdom

Arkay Beverages is participating in the local crime and disorder reduction program alongside the North East Lincolnshire Council Licensing department back in the United Kingdom The rationale behind it is that North East Lincolnshire has over 25,000 hazardous or harmful drinkers, 5,000 dependant drinkers and 15,000 binge drinkers with 45% of all crime believed to be alcohol related. Arkay has been invited to try and change or modify behaviours to reduce the amount of harmful alcohol consumed.   Arkay is a derivate of capsaicin used as a safe non addictiveRead More

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