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ArKay alcohol free whisky, vodka, gin, rum not sold on  Author  Martin J.  Feb 20 2018 Still today is displaying Arkay Beverages products to lure visitors to their site, incredibly Arkay removed their products listing on back in 2013 mostly because the business relationship was disastrous due to fake consumers’ reviews. Amazon keeping showing Arkay products not sold any more on their web site is a violation of the Lanham Act and could be considered as unfair competition and bad business practices. David against Goliath Amazon is used to this kind of strategy to lureRead More

ArKay and together against drunk driving Laredo, Texas DRINK. DRIVE. GO TO JAIL. Darah Waldrip from the Texas Department of Transportation visited KTXS on Wednesday and spoke about a new website aimed at combating drunk driving. The website is called “Sober Rides.” Visitors can input their address, and then find safe options for getting home. There are sections for cab/taxi information, “phone a friend,” public transit, Google maps, and even a Facebook option to ask your friends for a ride. Waldrip stressed the importance of safe driving, especially with Spring Break coming up. According toRead More

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